Friday, May 20, 2022


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    DOCOL is a program and facility support company employing a 1,500-strong Africa-wide team. We deploy proven solutions and capable assets to overcome customers’ program challenges and to meet their needs across the continent. We invest heavily in to people, innovation, process and infrastructure.

    Docol’s assets and services enable and empower missions and programs in Africa and beyond and mitigate operational and security risks.

    today we are the partner of choice for international organizations establishing, operating, or expanding Africa

    our resources bring advantages and value to customers supporting many of the continent’s most demanding programs and objectives.

    We create solutions that allow critical aid to reach where its needed no matter how remote or dangerous, they connect communities, permit development and rehabilitation, protect assets and people, support ambition, and sustain populations.

    We invest extensively and first into advanced infrastructure, new technologies, and state-of-the-art solutions, gaining a competitive and operational edge for our customers whilst creating opportunities and progressing skill-development within our communities.

    Reasons for choosing Docol          

    Our Group’s diverse operations are unified and strengthen through collective purpose, common management, and pooled resources. we operate certified occupational health and safety, environmental, facility management, and sustainable procurement management systems across our relevant business units, and iso 9001-2015 certified quality management systems group-wide.

    We commit every day to make a difference to the missions of our partners, and one of the ways we do this is by calling on the creative thinkers from within our industry and company and developing innovations that transform the quality of the service delivered to our customers.

    Our seasoned teams of senior communications and administration coordination deliver reporting to customer needs, whilst tracking program performance and schedule our communication department operates 24 hours per day,365 days per year, enabling immediate awareness and support on demand for any live or historic program.

    We are the largest employer in Somalia We also pride ourselves employing international staff and hire women in executive positions.



    We design tailored lease solutions that meet customers’ program goals. Our unmatched flexibility results in maximum efficiency and value. We offer an extensive range of assets for lease in Africa and hold a major presence in the construction and material handling equipment market. Our assets have an average service life of 3-5 years. We operate an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Control Program and Monitoring System to assure consistently high standards of service.

    We stand mission-ready to support customers’ continent-wide and time-sensitive programs with pre-positioned assets. Managing our assets are multinational, talented teams of coordinators, mechanics, technicians, operators and cleaners.


    DOCOL’s assets along with its services, enables and empowers missions across Africa and beyond.

    We mitigate operational and security risks. Today, we are the partner of choice for international organizations establishing, operational, or expanding in Africa.


    Docol exports and import trading section is managed by a group of professionals who have specialized in international trading by working for top level internationally recognized trading companies. We have emerged as a major player in the Somali market and as well recognized in major markets across the globe.

    Our expertise will help you provide insight in the current market and help you utilize it for your business. Our experts will assist you by providing you all the information for your business sector and implement it with you. Our experts will also assist you with clearing and forwarding, Transportation and warehousing your trades so you can focus on your day to day without the stress of dealing with the logistics.


    DOCOL’s assets along with its services, enables and empowers missions across Africa and beyond.

    We mitigate operational and security risks. Today, we are the partner of choice for international organizations establishing, operational, or expanding in Africa.


    Delivery .design, establish and operate Magadishu’s largest residential and commercial Tower for up to 300 persons per day


    We are the preferred supplier of professional services for life support operations in Africa. We have established the highest quality-of-life standards in the regions where we operate. Our catering services are compliant to the strictest food safety management programs with oversight from purchase to consumption or disposal; these program’s Management Systems are certified compliant with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and ISO 22000:2015.

    By calling on our groups additional business units we commit to the continent’s most comprehensive life support solution. Our life support services are engaged by organizations across the continent, ensuring deployed personnel are best supported in some of the highest-risk and operationally challenging locations on earth.


    Docol is a leading provider of specialized services integrated multi-mode solutions for transportation of bulk and container cargo. Docol provides a single window for business that seeks seamless transportation, warehousing, supply chain management. Our assets consist of 20 trucks that can be utilized at a moment’s notice and more trucks are available from our sister companies should the need arise. We are known to have to most light-goods capacity trucks in the country and the largest owners of trucks with ISO-certified containerized bodies in Mogadishu, Somalia.

    We gave successfully procured long-term contractual agreements with UN organizations and other Non-Government Organizations operating with Horn Of Africa such as the World Food Programme and Turkish Red Crescent to name a few since 2011


    We offer flexible procurement, logistics and warehousing solutions across Africa. We leverage our proven supply chains and supplier relations to meet time-sensitive and critical customer needs. We are licensed freight managers, we own warehouses, transport vehicles, and handling equipment, and our teams are highly experienced in the often-challenging task if time-critical material management in terror-impacted and non-permissive regions. We move goods by air, sea and land, and fulfil thousands of orders every month for the United Nations, United States Government, and major international corporations; goods including food items, spare parts, uniforms, cleaning materials, medical supplies, medical products, electronics, and dangerous goods such as gasses and combustible liquids.

    We are the exclusive freight management partner on long term agreements with United Nations and US Department of Defense program agencies in East Africa, as well as European and Asian Heavy Equipment manufacturers.


    Whether looking to purchase or lease a single property or entire Life Support Facility, we offer custom solutions which best meet the customer, program and applicable site demands (and can support locating a suitable site). Our ready-to-deploy units includes offices, kitchens, common rooms, gyms, accommodation, ablutions, and storerooms, as well as porta-toilets, mobile showers and handwash stations. We can install single units within days and 300-person compounds within weeks, from design to operating.

    We have fabricated, developed, installed and managed Life Support Areas for major customers in high-risk regions throughout Africa, including for the United Nations, US Government, Turkish Red Crescent, and on behalf of a 14,000-person humanitarian facility in Mogadishu, Somalia. We are one of the continents largest fabricators of containerized accommodations and facility units.


    Warehouse management is a process where we stock your goods without you having to own and operate a warehouse. This is ideal for the customer since it will be cost efficient and less hassle dealing with the management expect.

    DOCOL proudly provides this serve for the growth of your business and we will guarantee you great results when it comes with storing the goods and exporting on your leisure. Our amazing warehouse has all the assets such as trucks for importing/exporting your goods, forklifts, pallets, and amazing management staff that deals with logistics, workforce, storage reports, and many more. Do you need clearance for your goods?

    We got you covered! Our clearance and forwarding experts will professionally handle it for you from A to Z so that your products will be safely imported to our warehouse. Why go through the hassle let DOCOL handle it for you so that you can focus on your business.


    Together with adapting the sustainable and socially responsible policies of the UN Global Compact, we follow the Dhaka Principles which enhance the respect for the rights of migrant workers from the moment of recruitment, during employment and through to further employment or safe return. Hundreds of DOCOL personnel are currently cleared and deployed at facilities throughout Africa, including facilities of the US Government, and United Nations, in roles ranging from waste management to aircraft unloading. We are ISO 45002:2018

    Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certified.

    We facilitate training and development programs from our own conference and event facilities, with regular Health, Safety and Environmental training for all DOCOL employees. All employees are provided the highest-quality Personal Protective Equipment, which is routinely checked and replaced. We operate a zero-penalty policy for lost or damaged Personal Protective Equipment, as part of our Serious Safety commitment.

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