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Thursday, December 1, 2022


    Dr Social Eye Hospital

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    Dr Social Eye Hospital is a private modern health center located at Dharkeyney district near Tabakaayo Madow and Kaxda district infront of kaxda petroleum; The hospital opened its doors in July 2009.

    This modern Eye hospital set by a group of doctors led by Prof. Dr.Abdulkadir Omar Mohamoud after seen the need of Somali population to get satisfactory qualified ophthalmologists, those cover patients need.

    Our hospital and doctors came up with any facility treated by patients, therefore, we are committed to enhancing the safety of patients by providing high-quality medicine cost-efficient.

    We are the best ophthalmology centers in Somalia and we provide latest issues health about the Eye such our main duties; diagnosis and Treatment of eye, Optician department, emergency all the time, Pharmacy with good condition, consultation, and All Eye Surgery.

    Mission of SEH

    Dr Social eye hospital aims to make difference with other such hospitals those are multiplying day after a day, we designed all our centers what our patients satisfy.

    Our working hours 24/7 and always consider the patient.

    As we promote efficiency of work and effectiveness we always give opportunities and consideration poor people.

    Mission of SEH

    “To make a lasting impact on the eradication of blindness in our Somalis to inspire & empower people to keep their eye health as to they live their highest lives in everyday”

    Vision of SEH

    Our vision is to be the best ophthalmology care in Somalia by providing quality care to people and also we are just becoming one of the leading hospitals at the country offering the best health care.


    AL ixsaan Hospital provides these Services

    a. Care Department

    b. Modern Pharmacy

    c. Optometry Department

    d. Operation Theater and Consultation

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