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Thursday, March 30, 2023


    Dr. Suleyman Abdullahi Mohamed is Listed among the 100 Most influential Somali People in 2022

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    Dr. Suleyman Abdullahi Mohamed is the Director of Kalkaal Hospital, a senior general surgeon, and director of health management. He began his educational journey in China, where he completed his first degree in medicine (MBBS). He returned to Somalia and taught at the Somali International University (SIU), where he trained thousands of students. Later, he returned to China to complete his second degree in general surgery.

    Dr. Suleyman has played a significant role in the development of healthcare in Somalia and was a founding member of the Somali Medical Association during difficult times in the country. He also played a significant role in providing free medical services and advice during recent crises in the country. He is a senior member of several healthcare organizations, including the Somali Surgeons Association (Incision Somalia) and the Chairman of the Kalkaal Hospital Foundation, a non-profit that has provided free surgical Cleft Lip and Palate services to over 1000 people in just four years.

    Dr. Suleyman’s goal in health care is to make sure that all Somalis can get high-quality medical care.


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