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Friday, July 19, 2024


    East African nations begin training their quick response troops.

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    At the United Nations Regional Service Centre in Uganda, soldiers from ten nations in East Africa started their two-week training on Monday.

    According to a statement from the East African Standby Force (EASF), personnel from Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, and Uganda took part in the training, which aimed to improve knowledge and understanding of peace support mission planning and foster synergies.

    According to Brig. David Gonyi, Chief of Staff of the Air Force in Uganda, “We cannot fulfil our mandate of enhancing peace and security without an effective planning entity for our region.”

    According to him, the training would equip the nations in the area to deal with emergencies like terrorism, election violence, and disaster management.

    The dedication shown to this learning process, according to Gonyi, “clearly demonstrates that capacity building and enhancement have a place they deserve in Africa and the region.”

    The purpose of the EASF, which includes of military, police, and civilian components, is to offer the capability for fast deployment of troops to conduct operations for peace support and stability, peace enforcement, and preventative deployment.

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