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Wednesday, November 29, 2023


    Endogen was re-elected president of Turkey in a runoff election, according to the Supreme Election Council.

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    Recep Tayyip Erdogan was re-elected president of Turkey in runoff elections on Sunday, according to the chairman of the country’s Supreme Election Council (YSK).

    YSK president Ahmet Yener told reporters in Ankara that Erdogan had won the presidency of Türkiye against opposition contender Kemal Kilicdaroglu in the second-round runoff poll.

    According to unofficial figures, the Turkish incumbent received 52.14% of the vote, while Kilicdaroglu received 47.86%, he added, adding that 99.43% of the ballot boxes have been opened so far.

    In an address delivered late Sunday in Istanbul, President Erdogan said that Turkey’s 85 million citizens had won the recent national elections.

    approximately 64.1 million individuals were registered to vote, including approximately 1.92 million who had previously voted at abroad polling sites.

    Across Türkiye, about 192,000 ballot boxes were put up for voters.

    On May 14, no candidate received 50% of the vote in the first round, prompting the runoff on Sunday, albeit Erdogan claimed the lead with 49.52%.​​​​​​

    Erdogan’s People’s Alliance also gained a parliamentary majority on that day.

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