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Wednesday, February 21, 2024


    Eritrea’s Diaspora Event in Germany: A Clash of Opinions

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    Somali Magazine –  In a recent event that took place in Germany, the Eritrean diaspora community witnessed a significant clash between supporters and opponents of the Eritrean government. The event, which was intended to celebrate Eritrean culture and unity, turned into a scene of discord and violence that saw to physical battles out in the open.

    The diaspora event was organized by Eritreans living in Germany and was attended by hundreds of Eritreans from across Europe. The event included cultural performances, speeches, and discussions about the current state of affairs in Eritrea.

    However, the event took a turn for the worse when a group of attendees, who were opposed to the Eritrean government, started protesting against the regime. This led to violent clashes between the protesters and the supporters of the government. The police were called in to control the situation, and over 200 people were arrested.

    The Aftermath

    The incident left at least 26 police officers injured. The clash has sparked a debate within the Eritrean diaspora community about the role of political activism in diaspora events. While some argue that such events should be a platform for free expression and protest, others believe that they should focus on celebrating Eritrean culture and unity.

    The recent clash at the Eritrean diaspora event in Germany highlights the deep divisions within the Eritrean community over the country’s political situation. It underscores the need for dialogue and understanding among the diaspora community to address these divisions and work towards a common goal of peace and prosperity for Eritrea.




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