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Monday, July 15, 2024


    Ethiopia stresses that the maritime agreement with Somaliland is vital for national security, citing water access.

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    The Ethiopian government has offered additional information about the maritime agreement it struck with Somaliland, as well as a persuasive rationale for seeking access to Somaliland’s waters.

    Redwan Hussain, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s security adviser, underlined that ensuring access to waterways is critical for the well-being of millions of Ethiopians and plays an important role in regional peace and security.

    According to Redwan Hussain, Ethiopia’s survival and safety are dependent on access to the canal specified in the agreement.

    “Ethiopia cannot survive without access to this canal; it is our top priority for safety and also contributes significantly to regional peace and security. We cannot ignore its importance.” He stated:

    He further stressed that the waterway would benefit Ethiopia’s economic and social growth while causing no harm to any side.

    While Ethiopia confronts criticism over its agreement with Somaliland, it appears unconcerned about international calls for reconsideration.

    In contrast, the Federal Government of Somalia has taken a tough posture in maintaining its territorial integrity, gaining diplomatic support and ultimately nullifying the deal reached in Addis Ababa between Somaliland’s President Muse Bihi and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

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