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Wednesday, November 29, 2023


    Ethiopia’s Tigray and Amhara leaders meet in an effort towards peace.

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    The leaders of Ethiopia’s Amhara and Tigray regions have pledged to resolve their disagreements via conversation.

    The vow was made at meetings in Amhara’s capital, Bahir Dar, between Amhara regional governor Yilkal Kefale and Tigray’s temporary leader, Getachew Reda.

    For the first time since a devastating civil conflict started in northern Ethiopia in November 2020, Mr Getachew led a Tigrayan delegation to the Amhara area.

    Last November, a peace treaty ended the conflict.

    The two presidents agreed to work together to reopen road transit between Tigray and Amhara, which provides the quickest route between Tigray and Addis Abeba.

    Currently, the longest and most expensive route between Addis Abeba and Tigray is through the north-eastern Afar area.

    However, neither leader addressed the contentious topic of land conflicts between their respective areas.

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