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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Everyone is shocked by the brutal murder of an imam in a mosque.

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    An individual who on Wednesday brutally murdered an Imam in a mosque in the nearby village of Garasbaley was captured by police in Mogadishu.

    The Imam of the mosque, Moalim Ibrahim Abdi Abdulle, was allegedly murdered by Mukhtar Ali Hussein, who was also a Muadhan of the mosque. A man was hurt before Mukhtar fled after killing the Imam inside the mosque with a knife.

    According to eyewitness accounts, the shooter and a young boy who served as the imam’s assistant got into a fight before the crime happened. The most unexpected thing about the tragedy was that the Imam who was assassinated led the morning prayer while the Muadin who killed him did not.

    “After arguing with a young guy who was the victim’s assistant, the mosque’s Muadin assassinated the Imam of the mosque inside the building around the time of breakfast. The killer intended to kill the young man before the Imam (the deceased) interfered because they were fighting over an image that no one knows how or where it was taken “Local media was informed by a resident.

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