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Tuesday, March 21, 2023


    Ex-South West state president bared from traveling to Baidoa for elections

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    Sources told HOL Aden was blocked from boarding a plane to Baidoa and is currently at the VIP section at Aden Adde Airport.
    However, the Ministry of Security said it had cleared Aden to travel with his bodyguards raising concerns on the circumstances of his barring. The Ministry is header by Minister Abdullahi Nur who is affiliated to Prime Minister Mohamed Roble’s side.

    The former South West state leader is a critic of President Mohamed Farmaajo and that may have led to the blockade. Political differences among the various camps have played out in the current elections leading to some candidates being barred from the race.

    Former Lower House speaker Mohamed Jawari was also locked out from contesting for a parliamentary seat in South West after his left was left out of the list on grounds that he did not meet all the requirements.

    South West state president Abdiasis Lafta Gareen is a close ally of Farmaajo.

    Source HOL

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