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Saturday, December 3, 2022


    Fahad Yassin accuses Prime Minister Roble of knowing about Ikraan Tahlil’s assassination

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    Former Somali intelligence chief Fahad Yassin blames three Somali government officials for the killing of Ikraan Tahliil, including Prime Minister Roble, Director of the Somali Intelligence Service Mahad Salad and Deputy Minister of Information Abdirahman Al Adala.

    Fahad Yassin said: “This girl was first taken to the office of the Prime Minister. She was looking for a job. ” The assassination was carried out by Mahad Karatay, a close ally of Mahad Salad. ” Prime Minister Roble is aware, “in the hereafter and in this world we will be questioned, Insha Allah, Prime Minister Roble”.

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