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Sunday, June 23, 2024


    Father wants justice for his pregnant daughter’s murder by her husband.

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    Somali Magazine – Sheikh Abdiaziz Mohamed, the father of a lady brutally slain by her husband in Mogadishu, has demanded accountability following the perpetrator’s recent arrest. Sheikh Abdiaziz thanked the federal government’s authorities for taking fast steps to capture the accused, Sayid Ali Moalin Daoud.

    The savage murder of Luul Sheikh Abdiaziz, a pregnant lady and respected worker at Aden Adde Airport, sparked an impassioned call for justice and a deeper look at Somalia’s structural difficulties.

    Daoud, who is currently in the custody of security authorities, is suspected of killing his pregnant wife, Luul Sheikh Abdazis, in a horrible occurrence that shook the town. The bereaved father has yet to bury his daughter and unborn child, citing a wish to do so alongside the guy who took their lives.

    “My daughter and her unborn child deserve justice. “Their killer should face the full extent of the law,” Sheikh Abdazis said, emphasising the gravity of the crime and the necessity for a fair settlement.

    Luul’s murder is part of a terrible trend of violence that has resulted in the deaths of at least three women in marriage disputes in the same week.

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