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Friday, July 19, 2024



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    Mogadishu, 13th December 2023: The Federal Republic of Somalia welcomes the endorsement and support of its Security Sector Development Plan at the Somali Security Conference held in New York yesterday, 12th December 2023. The conference was co-hosted by the African Union, the European Union, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, United Nations and attended by 28 of Somalia’s friendly nations.

    The Security Sector Development Plan is the Federal Government of Somalia’s vision of assuming full ownership and responsibility for its security sector after years of turmoil. It is also a plan for achieving Somalia’s overall political stability. It includes the establishment of capable, accountable, affordable and transparent security forces and institutions to ensure the delivery and sustainability of security guided by Somalia’s obligations under international law.

    The Security Conference hailed progress made in the war against Al Shabaab by the Somali National Armed Forces and community forces that has resulted in the recapture of key areas, liberation of new ones and degradation of the terror group’s financial and military influence. It also recognized the support of the African Union Mission to Somalia(ATMIS) Troop and Police Contributing Countries and international partners.

    Participants acknowledged the initiation of efforts geared towards inclusive constitutional processes and elections, increased domestic revenue and Somalia’s recent admission into the East African Community. They emphasized the importance of maintaining this momentum and reaffirmed their support for a stable, democratic and prosperous Somalia.

    The endorsement of the Security Sector Development Plan comes just days after the UN Security Council unanimously voted to remove restrictions on weapons deliveries to the Somali Government and its security forces after more than 30 years since an embargo was first imposed. The vote is a further indicator of the international community’s faith in Somalia’s ability to assume full ownership of its security forces and institutions.

    The Federal Government of Somalia welcomes the international partners’ pledge to support its security, political and economic endeavours as it seeks to build a more stable, prosperous Somalia.


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