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    Federal Government of Somalia’s Weekly Briefing

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    Federal Government of Somalia’s Weekly Briefing

    Mogadishu, Wednesday, 6th December, 2023

    1- The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud participated in a large event to honor the decision of the United Nations Security Council to lift the arms embargo on Somalia.

    2- The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has returned to the country after attending the international conference on climate change (COP28).United Arab Emirates (UAE) .

    3- President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who delivered a speech at the COP28 climate change conference, presented the strong impact on the Somali people and the environment of the strong change in the climate, especially the floods and El Nino rains.

    4- President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has congratulated the Somali people on the success of lifting the arms embargo, and said that it will help a lot in eliminating the Kharijites Al Shabab and securing the country’s security.

    5- The Speaker of the Federal Parliament, the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, the Presidents of the Regional Governments, and other leaders have congratulated the Somali people on the historic victory in the country’s lifting of the arms embargo.

    6- Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre, who met with Somali Islamic scholars in Kismayo, discussed the important role they play in fighting and thinking about eliminating the Kharijites Al Shabab and good governance.

    7- Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre visited Af Madow district in Lower Jubba region to observe the humanitarian situation caused by the torrential rains in the country.

    8- At a townhall meeting in Kismayo, Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre, discussed the progress done by the government in the fields of security, economy and social services.

    9- The people of Mogadishu held large demonstrations in support of the nation’s success in lifting the arms embargo on Somalia.

    10- The Minister of Defense of Somalia Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Mr. Ali Mohamed Omar Balcad met with the special committee of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission (C34) who came to Mogadishu to meet with the Federal Government of Somalia and ATMIS.

    11- The director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency, Mahad Mohamed Salad, has overseen the security changes in Somalia’s largest market in Bakaraha, where the agency cleared the Kharijites Al Shabab who used to kill and rob the Somali traders.

    12- The Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani received the credentials from the new Ambassador of Somalia to Qatar Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Sheikh Ali (Dodishe).

    13- The Minister of Interior, Federal and Reconciliation of Somalia, Mr. Ahmed Maalim Fiqi, has held talks Saudi officials in Riyadh.

    14- The Minister of Fisheries and Blue Economy of Somalia, Mr. Ahmed Hassan Adan, had an important meeting with some Somali fish exporters.

    15- The Independent Committee for the Review and Implementation of the Constitution and the Committee for Monitoring and Implementation of the Constitution of the Federal Parliament of Somalia held a meeting to speed up the review of the interim constitution.

    16- The Somali National Army with the help of international friends have killed 60 Kharijites in Halgan area of Hiran region.

    17- The National Disaster Management Authority has received two boats from Zamzam Foundation and IBS Bank of Somalia.

    18- The Disaster Management Agency has received the food donation from the Turkish Red Crescent.

    19- The National Disaster Management Agency (SODMA) has given aid to families in Lafoole area in Afgooye who have been displaced by the floods in the country.

    20- The Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority, Mohamud Maallim Abdulle, attended an international meeting of the Convention on Disaster Prevention, which followed the Climate Change Conference in the United Arab Emirates.

    21- The Somali National Army, with the help of the local forces, killed 10 members of the Kharijites al-Shabab in Ceeldheer district of Galgudud region.

    22- The Somali National Army and the local forces are conducting military operations against the Kharijites al-Shabab in areas of Hiiraan Region.

    23- The Somali National Army destroyed the Kharijites Al Shabab registration center and an extortion site in Bay region.

    24- The Somali National Army based in the city of Burdhubo has carried out rescue operations for the people affected by the floods.

    25- The Somali National Forces have carried out operations against the Kharijites in areas of the Bay region.

    26- The Somali National Army and the local army have carried out operations to chase the Kharijites Al Shabab in the east of Galgaduud


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