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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Federal Government of Somalia’s Weekly Briefing

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    Federal Government of Somalia’s Weekly Briefing

    Mogadishu, Wednesday, 27th December, 2023

    1- The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has once again spoke about the importance of completing the constitution, the achievements of the government and the progress of the struggle to liberate the country from the Kharijites Al Shabab.

    2- President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud dismissed Mr. Nasa Cige who was the President’s Advisor on international relations and program coordinator.

    3- The Prime Minister, Mr. Hamsa Abdi Barre, received in his office Madame Hodan Hassan, a member of the Minnesota State House of Representatives in the United States.

    4- The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Mr. Salah Ahmed Jama, officially launched the food security and nutrition resilience project in the Horn of Africa in Somalia in Mogadishu.

    5- Government officials have signed the book of condolence for the late Minister Khadija Mohamed Diriye, who died in Djibouti last week.

    6- The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Daud Aweis Jama, held a meeting with the deputy managers of the National Press Agency in his office.

    7- The Ministry Defense of Somalia, Abdulkadir Mohamed Noor, said that in the latest military operations, Somali National Army killed 130 militiamen from Kharijites Al Shabab and confiscated their weapons as well as destroying the hideouts of the terrorists.

    8- The Governor of Banadir Region and the Mayor of Mogadishu Mr. Yusuf Hussein Jimale (Madaale) presided over a meeting to discuss the acceleration of activities for the administration of Banadir Region in the coming year of 2024.

    9- The Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Somalia Mr. Dr. Ali Haji Adan had a meeting with a technical team from the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).

    10- Somalia’s Land Forces Commander, General Dayah Abdi Abdulle, said that the latest operations in the southern region of Mudug have resulted the killing of 80 members of Al Shabab militants, and the liberation of the north and east parts Caad town from the terrorists.

    11- The Somali National Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA) in collaboration with the administration of Jalalaqsi district in Hiran region has distributed aid to 1,500 families who were facing a difficult life in the main hospital of that city.

    12- The Somali National Disaster Management Agency handed over 3,800 tons of relief aid to the Banadir Regional Administration, which is intended to be delivered to the people affected by the floods and El Niño who have been displaced in Mogadishu and the surrounding areas.

    13- The armed forces have carried out a planned operation in the villages of Saydheelow, Habhirow, Burta Qodqode, Calamka, Warta Dollar and Weeley, under the Goof-gaduud Buurey area of the Bay region where Al Shabaab militants were hiding.

    14- The Somali Police Command has arrested a suspect named Ahmed Abdirahman Abdullahi who is accused of killing the late Mohamed Hassan in Nairobi.

    15- The Chairman of the National Disaster Management Agency, Mohamud Maallin Abdulle, received the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Juma Al-Rumeysi, in Mogadishu.

    16- A planned operation by the Somali National Army and the United States forces killed one of the Al Shabab leaders by the name Maalim Ayman who was responsible of deadly terrorist attacks in Kenya and Somalia.

    17- Somali National Army has carried out military operations against the Kharijites Al Shabab in the villages of Mareerey, Moordiile, Raqayle and Aanoole in Afgooye District.

    18- Somalia has won a Medal of Culture, Literature and Art in the Horn of Africa at an event held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    19- There is a difficult situation in life in Elwaq district of Gedo region, which is one of the districts that have been severely affected by the strong floods caused by El-Nino.

    20- The British government has offered Somalia financial assistance of $9 million dollars which will be contributed to the African Development Bank’s project to support the National Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA).

    21- Laamaha amniga iyo Bulshada degmada Ceeldheer ee gobolka Galgaguud ayaa yeeshay kulan looga hadlayay ilaalinta nabadgalyada.

    22- The Chairman of the National Disaster Management Agency, Mohamud Maallim Abdulle, opened the meeting in Mogadishu for the approval of the strategic plan for the next five years of SoDMA (2024-2029).

    23- Abdirashid Mohamed Abdi, who was known as “Indhacadde” , a member of the Kharijitesl Al Shabab has surrendered to the government forces, especially the 14th October Brigade in Janale area of the Lower Shabelle region.

    Source SONNA

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