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Thursday, February 22, 2024


    First case of monkeypox virus reported in Pakistan

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    The Healthy Ministry on Tuesday announced “health regulations” at all airports to stop the disease from spreading after Pakistan confirmed the first case of the monkeypox virus in the nation.

    The National Health Services Department in the nation’s capital, Islamabad, confirmed the case involving the adult male patient on Monday, according to a ministry official.

    However, a source in the Health Ministry informed Anadolu that a guy who was deported from Saudi Arabia brought the infection to Pakistan, despite the fact that the announcement included no additional information about the patient.

    It said that airport authorities across the nation have been given instructions to strictly execute measures to limit the virus. The ministry’s Border and Health Services unit was stated to be actively monitoring the situation.

    Humans can contract monkeypox through coming into intimate contact with an animal or person who has the disease, as well as by coming into contact with contaminated objects. According to the World Health Organization, patients frequently experience symptoms such as fever, swollen lymph nodes, back discomfort, and muscular aches before a skin rash occurs.

    Since January 2022, the Centers for illness Control and Prevention in the US have documented over 86,000 viral illness cases worldwide. 119 persons passed away during the same time frame.

    The term “monkeypox” was changed to “mpox” by the World Health Organization last year because it was “racist and stigmatizing language.”

    For a year, both terms will be used interchangeably as the word “monkeypox” is phased out, it was added.

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