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Friday, July 19, 2024


    Former Hiran governor declines invitation to Mogadishu talks:Somalia

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    Former Hiiraan Governor Ali Jeyte Osman rejected discussions with Somalia’s federal government just days after HirShabelle leader Ali Gudlawe Hussein fired the anti-Alshabaab crusader for unclear reasons amid the escalating campaign on Al-Shabaab. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud had invited Jeyte to negotiations over the Hiiraan conflicts, but the self-proclaimed leader of the “new” Hiiraan state minimised the action. It’s unclear why Ali Gudlawe Hussein, HirShabelle’s regional director, and Jeyte are at conflict. In an interview with the media, Jeyte branded his expulsion “illegal” and promised to work with the community to build a new state in the Hiiraan region. According to experts, the most recent impasse may make combating Alshabaab in the region more difficult.

    According to anonymous sources, Jeyte may be tired of Mohamud’s conduct following his prospective embrace of a recently appointed local governor by the Gudlawe administration. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, on the other hand, is eager to build unity, with the struggle against Al-Shabaab ranking high on his priority list. Jeyte’s concerns extend beyond mere political posturing. According to sources, he also believes his adversary intends to have him imprisoned when he arrives in Mogadishu. Jeyte garnered reputation for his audacity when he personally organised local militia to expel Al-Shabaab insurgents out of specific districts of HirShabelle. He would typically be represented brandishing a weapon, commanding from the front, and commanding the populace’s respect.

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