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Thursday, September 28, 2023


    Former soldier executed for killing of cabinet minister

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    Former soldier Ahmed Abdullahi Abdi was put to death by a military tribunal in Somalia for the murder of former minister of public works and reconstruction Abbas Abdullahi Sheikh Siraji in Mogadishu in May 2017.

    In Mogadishu on Saturday, Ahmed Abdullahi was put to death by firing squad.

    The late person’s brother, Mohamud Siraji, praised Ahmed Abdullahi Abdi’s execution and declared that “justice has finally prevailed.”
    President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud deserves a million thanks. You succeeded where your predecessor failed!

    Ahmed Abdullahi was found guilty of “willful” murder in June 2017 and was sentenced to death for the murder of the cabinet minister by a military court in Mogadishu.

    31-year-old The youngest cabinet member in Somalia’s history, Abbas Abdullahi Siraji, served as the public works minister under former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire.

    With his inspiring journey from the world’s largest refugee camp, Dadaab, to being appointed a Federal Government Minister in Somalia, Abbas Siraji garnered international attention.

    On May 3, soldiers guarding the Auditor General, Nur Farah, shot and killed Siraji at the Villa Somalia front gates. As Mr. Siraji’s car drew near the checkpoint leading to the compound, the soldiers started firing at him.

    With aid from the Africa Development Bank and UNOPS, Abbas Siraji launched a public works project known as the “Capacity Injection Program” hours before he was killed.

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