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Thursday, June 8, 2023


    Four former government soldiers are executed by a military court in Mogadishu.

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    Four former government troops from various army divisions were put to death by a Somali military court on Thursday for the murder of other government soldiers.

    The soldiers who were executed go by the names of Bukhari Awil Mohamud, Ali Mohamud Hussein, Abdirisaaq Ahmed Mukhtar, and Mohamed Nur Sheikh Warre.

    On Thursday morning in Mogadishu, the men were put to death by firing squad at the General Kahiye Police Academy.

    Many government soldiers are detained in Mogadishu and are still awaiting trial for offences involving the murder of civilians and other soldiers.

    A soldier was recently given a prison term by the government for the murder of an auto-rickshaw driver in the capital.

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