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Sunday, June 23, 2024


    Glancing Note: Reflection on My Kidney Transplant Operation and Donation

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    Today, I find myself reflecting on a significant event that took place exactly two years
    ago, on September 9, 2021. It was a day that not only changed my life but also had a
    profound impact on my younger brother’s life.
    As we approach the two-year anniversary of a significant event in my life, I felt
    compelled to share my reflections on that moment and how it went.

    On September 9, 2021, I underwent a life-altering procedure – a kidney transplant
    operation. But this wasn’t just any operation; it was an act of love, a testament to the
    bond of family, as I donated my left kidney to my younger brother.

    The decision to donate was not a difficult one for me. The bond between siblings is
    unique and strong, and when faced with the reality of my brother’s deteriorating health,
    I knew I had to do whatever I could to help. The process leading up to the surgery was
    filled with a mix of emotions – fear, anxiety, hope, and determination. But above all, it
    was filled with love.

    The strong bond and love I share with my brother made it unquestionably worthwhile.
    Witnessing his silent struggle with kidney disease drove me to take action, and I am
    grateful that I was able to make a positive impact on his life.

    The operation was a success, thanks to the skilled hands of our medical team., The
    recovery was challenging, but the thought of my brother regaining his health was a
    powerful motivator, we faced it togeand I am grateful to have been able to give my
    brother a second chance at life.

    Glancing Note:Reflection on My Kidney Transplant Operation and Donation

    Looking back, I am filled with a sense of gratitude and humility. Gratitude for the
    medical advancements that made this possible, for the healthcare professionals who
    guided us through this journey, and for the unwavering support of our family and
    friends. Humility, because this experience has taught me the true value of health, the
    strength of human resilience, and the depth of familial love.

    Throughout this journey, we have been surrounded by an incredible support network of friends, family, and medical professionals. Their unwavering encouragement and
    expertise were instrumental in easing any anxieties we may have had.

    This experience has taught me the true meaning of sacrifice and love. It has shown me that we have the power to change someone’s life for the better. I am grateful for the medical advancements that made this possible, and for the support of our family and
    friends throughout this journey.

    We consider ourselves truly fortunate to have been given a second chance at a healthy
    and fulfilling life. It is a reminder of the incredible power of compassion and the
    potential we have to profoundly impact one another’s lives.

    Today, two years later, I can proudly say that the decision to donate my kidney was one
    of the best I’ve ever made. My brother’s health has improved significantly, and he is
    now able to live a normal, healthy life.
    As we mark this two-year milestone, my brother is thriving, and I am doing well too. We both carry a piece of this shared experience within us, a testament to our bond and a reminder of the preciousness of life.

    I would like to thank and to extend my deepest gratitude to all my friends, family and
    colleagues for their solidarity and prayers, Your support and kindness have meant more
    than words can express.

    Dr Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed , Dr Jalaaludiin ,

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