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Monday, September 25, 2023


    Greeks are less likely than other Europeans to support sanctions against Russia.

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    Greeks do not generally support economic penalties or EU policy, according to a new survey, local media reported on Friday.

    According to a poll performed by Eurobarometer in the fall, only 48% of Greeks favor EU policies against Russia that were implemented in response to Moscow’s continued attacks against Ukraine, according to the Kathimerini newspaper.

    Greeks, Slovakians, and Bulgarians are the countries that support the EU’s firm approach against Russia the least, the report noted, even though 73% of EU residents agree with it.

    According to the newspaper, only 46% of Greeks, the lowest percentage in the EU, support providing Ukraine with financial, humanitarian, and military aid.

    According to the survey, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Denmark have the greatest support rates—all above 90%—for the continuance of aid to Ukraine and tough policies toward Russia.

    It is notable that Greece has one of the largest percentages of citizens who believe their nation does not profit from membership in the union, at 30%.

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