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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Heavy rainfall in Ethiopia’s highlands raises concerns of flooding on Shabelle river

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    – Following recent heavy rainfall in Ethiopia’s highlands, residents who live along the Shabelle River’s banks are concerned about significant flooding.

    The Shabelle River has reportedly risen to its highest level in years, according to residents of Godey and other parts of Somalia.

    The river’s water level has risen to 1.25 meters, which experts predict is the point at which a massive flood could destroy towns over a wide area.

    Many areas of Somalia have already been impacted by flooding from the Shabelle River, seriously harming agricultural lands.

    Beledweyne, a town frequently affected by Shabelle River flooding, has been forewarned that the risk is greater now than it has ever been. Residents are urged to avoid areas prone to flooding.

    Neither the Somali government nor the Hirshabeelle administration have issued a warning, despite considerable worry in Ethiopia’s Somali area, where the river is believed to have its beginnings.

    Beledweyne experienced a significant flood in the early 2020s that left many people dead and extensive property damage.

    The risk of expected flooding has also been made worse by the destruction of flood dams.

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