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Thursday, September 28, 2023


    Hiiraan Governor protests to the dismissal of the district commissioner.

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    Hiiraan area Governor Ali Jeyte Osman spoke out against the dismissal of Halgan district commissioner by Hirshabelle Minister of Internal Affairs Abdi Dahir Gure Karore.

    In a statement issued on Sunday, Ali Jeyte stated that the district’s administrational move was not initiated by his office, which is in charge of the Hiiraan region.

    “I am not aware of anything, and I have made no proposal regarding the removal or appointments made by Hirshabelle Minister of Internal Affairs, Abdi Dahir Gure Karore,” Jeyte’s office stated in a statement.

    Jeyte stated that he was too involved with anti-al Shabab operations in the Hiiraan region to be preoccupied with appointments and removals.

    “The Hiiraan people are at odds with the Khawarij organization al-Shabab. We are unable to make any changes or nominate officials. I’m not aware of the minister’s action “According to the governor’s office.

    Abdi Dahir Gure Karore, Hirshabelle’s Minister of Internal Affairs, has yet to respond to Governor Jeyte’s remarks.

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