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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Hirshabelle state collaborates in development projects with foreign organisations.

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    Hirshabelle State has collaborated with a number of foreign organisations, including World Vision, DRC ICF, and SOMREP, to carry out a variety of development initiatives in the region.

    The collaboration was formed during a conference in Jowhar presided over by Hirshabelle State President Ali Guudlaawe Hussein and a visiting team from the organisations.
    During the discussion, the visiting group pledged to assist a variety of regional projects, including the revitalization of the Shabelle river basin, agricultural developments, and the establishment of successful fishing towns.

    They also emphasised the importance of increased funding for humanitarian relief and youth empowerment in ensuring regional security and prosperity.

    President Guudlawe emphasised the critical role that these organisations have played in supporting growth and development in regions recently liberated from the grip of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

    He also stated that these efforts have the ability to greatly improve local populations’ quality of life.

    The meeting provided an opportunity for both the President and the visiting delegation to discuss thoughts and tactics.

    It also gave a chance to unify objectives, guaranteeing a coordinated and successful approach to Hirshabelle State’s development initiatives.

    Hirshabelle State’s collaboration with foreign organisations is a great step towards attaining sustainable development in the region.

    It emphasises the significance of collaboration and cooperation among domestic and foreign players in supporting economic progress, social welfare, and political stability.

    Hirshabelle State is prepared to make major progress towards attaining its development goals and improving the lives of its residents with the assistance of these organisations.

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