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Tuesday, December 5, 2023


    I Killed My 2 Sons For Shouting Fire, Fire On Me, 25 Year Old Man Confesses

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    Elisha Tari, a 25-year-old man, confessed to killing his two sons (3 and 5 years old, respectively) because they were saying fire, fire on me when he ordered them to say God.

    “When I asked them to say “God,” they answered “fire and kept saying fire, fire, instead of God.” As a result of their actions, I felt angered and provoked, and I took up stones and beat them on the heads till they died.”

    Tari, who was detained by the Adamawa State Police Command for the murder of two of his children, admitted: “I smoke indian hemp, drink wine, and use snuff.” “I do not use tramol or any other hard drugs.”

    He also claimed to have a psychological problem and that he was once chained due of it.

    Tari’s problems, according to sources, may have begun when his wife, the mother of the murdered children, left him over two months ago, and all attempts to entice her home were futile.

    According to the source, the suspect went to his in-laws multiple times to encourage their daughter to return home, but his in-laws denied him access to his wife and instead continued to deceive him.

    The murdered children were said to have encountered their father on that tragic day while he was cooking, and he asked them when their mother would get home.

    Tari is a native of Himike hamlet in the state’s Michika Local Government Area.

    He was paraded by police yesterday, August 22, in front of reporters, who grilled him. He is a classical musician.

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