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Friday, July 19, 2024


    Ifiye Electric: Empowering Somalia with Sustainable Energy Solutions

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    Ifiye Electric company is the driving force behind a brighter and sustainable future for Somalia. As a leading provider of innovative energy solutions, Ifiye Electric is dedicated to transforming the power landscape of the nation. From renewable energy initiatives to cutting-edge electrical products, Ifiye Electric is illuminating lives and powering progress.

    Ifiye Electric: Illuminating the Expo at the Somali Business and Health Expo

    The Somali Business and Health Expo, held on 10-13, 2023, at the prestigious Royal Palace Hotel in Mogadishu, witnessed the brilliance of Ifiye Electric’s showcase. As a prominent exhibitor at this esteemed event, Ifiye Electric presented a wide range of products and services, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

    1. Solar Power Solutions:

    At the Expo, Ifiye Electric unveiled its state-of-the-art solar power solutions, harnessing the abundant Somali sunshine to generate clean and renewable energy. From solar panels for residential use to large-scale solar installations for businesses, Ifiye Electric’s solar solutions bring reliable electricity to communities across Somalia.

    1. Energy Storage Systems:

    Recognizing the importance of efficient energy storage, Ifiye Electric displayed their cutting-edge energy storage systems that optimize energy utilization and ensure a steady power supply. These storage solutions play a crucial role in supporting continuous electricity access in regions with intermittent power grids.

    1. LED Lighting Innovations:

    Ifiye Electric’s LED lighting innovations shone bright at the Expo. Visitors had the opportunity to explore energy-efficient lighting solutions that reduce power consumption, minimize carbon footprints, and brighten homes and workplaces with quality illumination.

    1. Electrical Products and Accessories:

    Beyond renewable energy solutions, Ifiye Electric showcased a diverse range of electrical products and accessories. From switches and sockets to circuit breakers and distribution boards, their comprehensive product lineup caters to the electrical needs of consumers and businesses.

    Join the Ifiye Electric Revolution:

    Are you ready to join the green energy revolution and embrace sustainable electricity solutions? Visit Ifiye Electric’s website at to explore their cutting-edge offerings and take a step towards a greener tomorrow. You can also connect with Ifiye Electric on Facebook at for updates on their latest innovations and initiatives.

    Ifiye Electric – Powering progress, illuminating lives. Together, we ignite Somalia’s path to a brighter, sustainable future. Your journey towards sustainable energy begins with Ifiye Electric.


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