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Thursday, March 30, 2023


    I’m grateful, After being appointed as the Defense CS, Duale informs Ruto

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    Aden Duale, a member of parliament for Garissa Town, has thanked President William Ruto for appointing him as secretary of the defence cabinet.

    President William Ruto chose the legislator from a list of 22 ministerial candidates because he thought he was qualified to hold that position of leadership.

    “Thank you, President William Ruto, my boss, my friend, and everyone else. I was honoured, delighted, and humbled to learn of my nomination as the incoming cabinet secretary for defence this afternoon “he stated.

    “In fact, I’m grateful for the chance to serve as Kenya’s cabinet secretary for defence. I appreciate you, President, for giving me this prestigious opportunity and for believing in my ability to lead.”

    The former majority leader described how his relationship with the President first began.

    Our paths did, in fact, cross in 2007, Your Excellency, and ever since, our stars have grown brighter, he said.

    Duale said he can’t thank Ruto enough for all the assistance he has provided during his political career.

    He continued, “We started our journey of serving the people together in 2007, and through you, my President, I was appointed to serve as Minister for Livestock in the Grand Coalition Government.

    Duale was chosen as the first Majority Leader of the Jubilee administration in 2013 because of his long history as a steadfast ally and supporter of the President.

    This came about after the URP Party of Ruto and the TNA of former President Uhuru Kenyatta teamed up to form the new administration.

    “What a privilege it is that you have chosen me to serve the Kenyan people alongside you not just once, but three times, demonstrating your confidence in me. I’m speechless in appreciation for the nomination, but please allow me to express my sincere gratitude “said Duale.

    Under Ruto’s direction, he expressed his eagerness to serve the Kenyan people.

    Duale declared, “I will always make sure that Kenya’s territorial sovereignty is upheld.

    Prior to being sworn in, Duale and all other cabinet nominees must pass scrutiny from Parliament.

    Given that elected officials are not permitted to serve in cabinet positions under the Constitution, if MPs approve this, a by-election will be held in Garissa Township.

    Duale declared that he intends to serve the nation in the best possible manner.

    The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, once remarked, “Whatever you are, be a good one.

    “I promise to uphold the Constitution and to be a good person. To you, our People, and God, I owe this, Duale said.

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