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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Important appointments are made by the Hiran state administration under temporary President Ali Jeyte

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    The interim president of the Hiiraan State administration, Ali Jeyte Osman, has nominated a number of persons to his newly formed cabinet. Jeyte stated once more that Hiiraan would no longer recognise Hirshabelle’s authority.

    President Jeyte appointed Abdiaziz Ahmed Adow, also known as Jaburi, as governor of the Hiiraan area on Saturday. The Upper Shabelle area was established, and Abdifatah Farah Adan was appointed as its governor.

    President Jeyte has also named Suleiman Geddi Ibrahim as commander of the Dervish army under the Hiiraan State administration.

    Abdullahi Mohamed Farah Biriq has been chosen deputy commander of the Dervish army, while Afrah Ali Hassan Afrah Yare has been designated logistics commander.

    Mohamud Mohamed Sahane has also been appointed as the Hiiraan state administration’s spokesperson. The Hirshabelle administration has yet to comment on these nominations.

    The recently departed governor of the Hiiraan area, who was reportedly voted as the interim President of the Hiiraan State government, remains a polarising figure.

    Members of Somalia’s Hirshabelle government have been vocal in their opposition to Ali Jeyte Osman, the previous governor of the Hiiraan area.

    The action, which has heightened local tensions and garnered strong condemnation from Hawadle clan members who feel it was impulsive and stupid, was coordinated by Ali Gudlawe Hussein, the president of Hirshabelle.

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