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    In a weekly meeting, Somalia’s Federal Cabinet discusses security and bilateral agreements.

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    Somali Magazine 1 Sep 2013- The Federal Government of Somalia’s cabinet met for its weekly meeting, headed by Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Bare, in an effort to boost security and foreign ties. The gathering’s primary focus was security, emphasising the government’s determination to tackle dangers within its borders.

    The extensive agreements achieved between Somalia and Ethiopia were at the core of this week’s meetings. These accords were ratified by the cabinet and included a variety of cooperation activities encompassing international relations, health, education, communications, tourism, and the improvement of government institutions. The move underscores both countries’ commitment to mutual prosperity and collaboration in a variety of industries.

    The conference was not limited to diplomatic issues. Reports from the Ministries of Defence and Internal Security were provided, describing the substantial progress achieved in freeing Somalia from the clutches of Al-Shabaab extremists. The success reported on the military front was received with admiration and applause from cabinet members, highlighting security agents’ unrelenting devotion to eliminating the threat presented by the terrorist organisation.

    In his final remarks, Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Bare emphasised the critical need of national unity and solidarity in confronting the continuous threat of terrorism. He emphasised that fighting Al-Shabaab must be a key priority, with a coordinated effort to liberate the remaining territories under their control. The Prime Minister’s statements echoed a common resolve among cabinet members to press on in the search of peace and stability.

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