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Thursday, February 22, 2024


    In Garowe, the Federal Parliamentary Standing Committee meets.

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    On Thursday, the Standing Committee of Somalia’s Lower House Parliament met for the first time in Garowe, the administrative seat of Puntland regional state.

    Lower House speaker Adan Mohamed Nur Madobe, who presided over the meeting, expressed the committee’s delight at hosting it outside of Somalia’s capital for the first time.

    “There is a lot of strain on us in our parliament building to complete the responsibilities allocated to us in such a short period,” the speaker added.

    The arrival of the standing committee in Garowe, according to Speaker Adan Madobe, is part of a strategy for the standing committee to hold its meetings in the regional government capitals.

    The legislative standing committee will meet in Garowe for the next seven days before the People’s Assembly’s second session begins.

    The Lower House will reconvene on November 15.

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