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Monday, July 15, 2024


    In Jeddah, the Minister of Information attends a conference on the “Role of the Media in Inciting Hatred and Violence.”

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    Somali Magazine – Da’ud Aweis Jama, the Federal Republic of Somalia’s Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism, attended a symposium on the ‘Role of Media in Inciting Hatred and Violence’ in Jeddeh, Saudi Arabia.

    In this worldwide event, the Muslim World League (MWL) gathered the Union of OIC News Agencies, comprised of 57 countries, and the most major international news agencies from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

    Minister Daud Aweys emphasized the need of validating information shared with the community in his speech, encouraging the media to take caution and avoid disseminating misinformation that could foment hatred and strife within society.

    Mr. Abdirahin Osman Cilmi, the Somali government’s Permanent Representative to the Organization of Arab Culture and Information (OAC), accompanied Minister Da’ud Aweys to the conference. Somalia’s participation in this international event demonstrates the country’s commitment to encouraging responsible journalism and upholding high ethical standards in media practices.

    In addition to his conference commitments, Minister Da’ud Aweys met with the Secretary-General of the Islamic World Organization in Saudi Arabia. Their discussions focused on Somalia’s potential to play an important role in the growth and promotion of academics and culture within Islamic societies.

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