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Monday, July 15, 2024


    In Mogadishu, a mentally sick guy murders his relative.

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    Nafiso Idleness Yusuf Sheikh Ahmed, six, was brutally assassinated by her cousin, who claimed to be mentally sick. With a knife, the unidentified suspect murdered the young girl. The heinous crime took place on Wednesday in Mogadishu’s Darussalam neighbourhood. The girl’s heartbroken father, Idle Yusuf Sheikh Ahmed, confessed that his daughter’s killer was his nephew, who lived with them in their home.

    “This tragedy has taken my daughter.” This horrific atrocity was performed by my nephew, my brother’s son. He was reared in my family. While we were aware of his mental state, it had never reached this dangerous level.” the bereaved father informed the journalists

    Such macabre events are not uncommon in Mogadishu; earlier this year, a father murdered his own daughter in Hiliwa District due to a difficult relationship with his spouse.

    In March, a local mosque member named Mukhtar Ali Hussein viciously attacked and killed the mosque’s Imam, Moalim Ibrahim Abdi Abdulle, with a machete. Another individual was hurt during the incident before the offender managed to leave. The suspect, however, was caught by Mogadishu officials. Regrettably, the number of such horrific instances around the country has been increasing, far above anything previously seen in Somalia.

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