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Thursday, September 28, 2023


    In Mogadishu, three Al-Shabaab members were executed.

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    On Wednesday, a military court in Mogadishu executed three Al-Shabaab members by firing squad for capital offenses. Mohammed Abdulle Abkow Omar (Biyamalow), Sharif Mohamed Barkhadle Ayanle (Jeego), and Mohamed Abdi Nur Jirow were recognized as the three men (Doctor Fanah). Two of the killed individuals were former Somali Military Forces personnel, while the third was a senior Al-Shabaab agent who pretended to be a doctor while in command of the group’s security.

    The court found all three individuals guilty of murdering citizens and government officials, as well as arranging bombings that killed a large number of people, primarily in Mogadishu. The Somali government appears to be hastening the execution of death sentences, as all three individuals were recently convicted in military courts.

    In mid-January, Somalia’s armed forces court convicted Mohamed Abdi Jirow, also known as Dr. Fanah, to death. Jirow pretended to be a neurologist and possessed forged military ranks and international organization identification cards. He even obtained military clothes bearing the title of’major.’ During a public court hearing last year, he acknowledged to planning a suicide attack on clan delegates during the election of federal Lawmakers.

    Mohammed Abdulle Abkow Omar was found guilty in mid-December of plotting a terror attack on Aden Abdulle Airport in Mogadishu. Omar, who was dismissed from the Somali Armed Forces in 2018, joined Al-Shabaab and was responsible for transporting the two attackers who killed a member of Somalia’s specialized police force at the airport in March 2022. Omar was also convicted of being involved in an explosion that targeted the Villa Baidoa military base.

    Mohamed Barkhadle Ayanle, a former captain in the SNA, was sentenced to death on January 12 for facilitating terror attacks on behalf of Al Shabaab. Ayanle aided the group in planting car bombs throughout Mogadishu that killed a total of 27 people in 2019. The court found that Ayanle allowed Al Shabaab to travel through checkpoints and park their explosive-laden vehicles in busy commercial areas. Ayanle was also found guilty of selling weapons to the group, later used to shell Mogadishu.
    Ayanle’s conviction came after the arrest of several government soldiers involved in the Villa Rays hotel attack in Mogadishu that killed eight civilians on November 28.




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