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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    In the midst of border tensions, Lebanon’s Hezbollah attacks an Israeli military camp.

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    Somali Magazine – Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group, said Monday that it had fired anti-tank missiles against the Biranit military outpost in northern Israel.

    The group declared in a statement that it hit the camp twice “in support of our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.”

    There were no reported injuries.

    According to the Israeli army, it reacted to anti-tank rockets fired from Lebanon.

    The official news agency of Lebanon, NNA, reported Israeli artillery fire near Naqoura and Mount Labouneh in southern Lebanon.

    Tensions have risen along the Israeli-Lebanese border, with sporadic exchanges of fire between Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah in the worst skirmishes since the two sides went to war in 2006.

    The border tension comes as Israel maintains its unrelenting air and military operations in the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of a cross-border onslaught by Hamas on Israeli border towns on October 7.

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