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Friday, July 19, 2024


    In the midst of mounting political disagreements, Puntland’s president makes significant changes to his cabinet.

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    Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni announced major changes to his government on Saturday, only six months before his term expires.

    Numerous new appointments have been made to ministries such as finance, disaster management, animal husbandry, home affairs, security, planning, environment, agriculture, and fisheries as part of the restructure. Deni has also appointed a new governor and police commander in the Nugal region, as well as new military commanders and advisors.

    Many of the new appointees are from the Nugal and Garowe areas, suggesting that this is an intentional attempt to reduce political and security problems in Garowe city. The recruitment of officials from these regions might serve to soothe political resistance to Deni’s preparations for the upcoming elections and constitution presentation.

    Individuals suspected of having strong relationships with opposition lawmakers who previously exercised substantial influence over the nomination of those being removed were also fired as part of the shake-up. This action sends a clear statement that the President is dedicated to keeping his government free of political intrusion.

    In recent months, the political situation in Puntland has deteriorated, with opposition leaders accusing Deni of failing to address a variety of concerns, including corruption, instability, and bad governance. The appointment of new officials and the expulsion of those accused of political meddling show that the President is addressing these concerns.

    The government changes come at a critical juncture for Puntland State, with Garowe confronting rising political disagreements that have erupted into deadly violence. The President’s measures are interpreted as an attempt to restore stability and serenity to the region, as well as to assure the smooth conduct of the impending elections and constitution unveiling.

    The international community has praised the selection of new authorities and urged the President to continue his efforts to address Puntland State’s political and security concerns. The hiring of officials from the Nugal and Garowe areas is considered as a significant move towards peace and regional harmony.

    As Puntland State approaches elections and the presentation of its constitution, the President’s actions will be critically scrutinised. The world community will be watching to see if the new appointments will assist to promote regional stability and good administration, as well as if they will ensure that the upcoming events go smoothly and peacefully.

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