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Thursday, June 8, 2023


    In the outskirts of Las Anod, heavy fighting breaks out.

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    Local sources claim that SSC-Khatumo forces and Somaliland engaged in fierce fighting on Monday near Las Anod.

    The government of Somaliland has attributed responsibility for the morning’s violence to organizations it has dubbed “joint forces,” which it asserts are made up of terrorists, anti-peace organizations, and Puntland forces.

    The National Forces of the Republic of Somaliland’s positions in the town of Las Anod were attacked on June 3, 2023, according to a statement from the administration.

    After more than 20 days of combat, the situation in the town had stabilized recently, but some neighboring governments have continued to work toward putting a ceasefire in place.

    Uncertainty surrounds the cause of the most recent outbreak of violence, as Somaliland and SSC-Khatumo forces have been at odds for some time.

    According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) Human Rights and Protection Group, fighting in Somalia’s Sool Area has resulted in at least 80 deaths and 451 injuries, including medical professionals (OHCHR).

    The UN has consistently urged all sides to put the needs of the civilian population first and find a peaceful solution to the crisis. But intermittent outbreaks of violence continue, highlighting how precarious the situation is.

    Almost 185,000 people have been forced to flee their homes due to the violence, which started on December 28th, 2022. Hospitals have also suffered damage, which has made it harder for the injured to get medical attention.

    As the battle enters its fourth week, worry about the humanitarian impact is mounting. The UN has urged for the sick and injured to receive the essential medical care without hindrance, as well as for respect for medical personnel, facilities, and services. Unrestricted humanitarian access to all those in need has also been recommended by the UN.

    In 2023, 8.25 million Somalis—nearly half the nation’s population—are expected to require humanitarian aid and protection because to the grave situation there. The parties to the conflict have been asked by the UN to put the needs of the civilian population first and work toward a peaceful resolution.

    It is uncertain how long the most recent battle will continue because Las Anod is still in flux.

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