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Friday, March 31, 2023


    In Washington, DC, the presidents of the United States and Somalia meet.

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    Somali Magazine –On Saturday in Washington, DC, President Joe Biden hosted a reception at which the president of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, participated.

    In praise of the US government’s assistance in Somalia’s fight against al-Shabab, President Mohamud emphasised that the Somali people and government were engaged in a battle to drive the terrorists out of the nation.

    He continued by saying that fresh offensive operations against al Shabab in various regions of the nation need assistance from abroad.

    In order to advance regional peace, he said, “We look forward to further enhancing our bilateral ties with the USA, who is a strategic ally and friend for Somalia’s development and progress.”

    He assured the UN General Assembly on Thursday during the 77th UNGA session that his nation was dedicated to the struggle against international terrorism. He nevertheless pleaded with his international allies to end the containment strategy.

    Mohamud attributed the recent military victories over Al Shabaab in central Somalia to locals’ and militias’ support at the community level.

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