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    Inter-clan clashes bother security officers, prompting them to begin an investigation. Galkayo

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    Somali Magazine September 10, 2023-On Saturday evening, a young and well-known doctor was assassinated inside his Galkacyo hospital.

    The shooter, who was dressed in a security uniform, entered the facility with two unarmed individuals before opening fire on Dr. Sakariye Abdi Jama, killing him instantly.

    The incident, which was filmed on CCTV, shocked the community and prompted concerns about the growing tribal revenge killings that have plagued the northern section of Galkacyo town.

    According to security sources, the gunmen fled the scene immediately after the murder, leaving people fearful and vulnerable.

    According to local reports, this targeted assassination is linked to the region’s continuous inter-clan strife.

    The Puntland administration, which is in charge of preserving law and order, is now under fire for its apparent failure to adequately confront the rising tide of violence, particularly when it puts innocent civilians in danger.

    Dr. Sakariye Abdi Jama, a prominent person in the medical community, was well-known for his commitment to provide high-quality treatment to the people of Galkacyo.

    His passing has left a hole in the medical profession, and the community mourns the loss of a kind and talented physician.

    Local residents are outraged and concerned about the occurrence, fearing that the ongoing tribal revenge killings will further destabilise the region and stymie efforts to build peace and security.

    In reaction to the event, security officials have initiated an extensive investigation to apprehend and prosecute the culprits. Authorities have promised to beef up security in Galkacyo, deploying more resources to avert future carnage and protect innocent lives.

    The increasing increase in tribal retaliation killings has called into question the effectiveness of existing security tactics and initiatives.

    According to critics, the Puntland administration must rethink its approach to combating violence, concentrating on comprehensive measures that address the core causes of inter-clan conflicts and foster reconciliation among warring factions.

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