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Friday, December 1, 2023


    Iran summons British envoy to protest ‘accusation policy’

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    On Wednesday, Iran summoned the British interim charge d’affaires to express its disapproval of London’s practice of leveling “baseless” charges against Tehran.

    According to a statement from the Foreign Ministry, Isabelle Marsh, the UK representative, was called to protest British policy that promotes Iranophobia by accusing Iran of things it hasn’t done.

    “A stop to this antagonistic stance adopted by the British government,” the ministry stated.

    The action was taken a day after the British government summoned Iran’s top envoy to denounce “serious threats” to the lives of journalists living in the UK.

    For alleged human rights violations, Britain imposed sanctions on eight senior Iranian officials on Monday. These officials included judges, IRGC members, and regional governors.

    “A country that has dealt with migrants and Muslims with the most extreme discrimination and transports refugees to Rwanda in violation of international law, is in no position to preach about human rights,” Iran said in response to the British penalties, calling them “politically motivated.”

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