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Saturday, January 28, 2023


    Israel and Turkey agree to designate new ambassadors.

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    Ambassadors will be reappointed by both Turkey and Israel, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu confirmed on Wednesday.

    “We would select ambassadors on both sides in an effort to improve relations. We stated at the press conference we did in this room with (Israeli Prime Minister Yair) Lapid that we had begun the process of appointing ambassadors.

    “As a result of these efforts, Israel took such a positive action. Naturally, Turkey has chosen to name an ambassador to Tel Aviv, Israel, said Cavusoglu at a press briefing alongside his Kyrgyz counterpart Jeenbek Kulubaev.

    Following the submission of the names of the ambassadors by both nations, according to Cavusoglu, the procedure will start.

    The two nations also decided to reestablish full diplomatic relations and designate ambassadors and consuls general, according to Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

    For the stability of the region and Israel’s inhabitants, the restart of relations with Turkey is a very important economic development, according to Lapid.

    Cavusoglu made the first trip to Israel by a Turkish foreign minister in 15 years in May.

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