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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Israeli airplanes hit targets in Gaza.

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    Somali Magazine 

    According to witnesses, Israeli airplanes bombarded different places in the confined Gaza Strip on Sunday.

    Throughout the night, Israel continued to launch attacks.

    Witnesses told Anadolu that airplanes targeted a Palestinian group’s military base in western Gaza, as well as houses and public buildings in Beit Hanoun and other locations in southern and central Gaza.

    The locations included the En-Nasr neighborhood office of Hamas’ Gaza leader, Yahya al-Sinwar, the Palestine Stadium and Islamic National Bank buildings, and the Production Bank.

    Israeli Navy troops also violently attacked coastal areas.

    Health officials verified fatalities and injuries in a house attack in Beit Hanoun but could not provide specific numbers.

    According to the military, the Navy discovered seven “terrorists” attempting to infiltrate the Zikim coastal area in the south, and planes from the army and navy prevented them from entering residential areas.

    On Saturday, Hamas launched Operation Al Aqsa Flood, claiming responsibility for the surprise attack in retaliation to the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and rising settler violence. It claimed to have fired missiles and kidnapped many Israelis.

    In response, the Israeli army launched Operation Swords of Iron against Hamas in Gaza.

    According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we are “at war.” He urged Palestinians in Gaza to flee, claiming that Israel’s troops will reduce “all Hamas hiding places into rubble.”

    According to medical sources in Gaza, at least 232 Palestinians have been killed in the attacks, while the Israeli death toll has risen to 300.

    According to the Israeli army, Hamas has launched over 3,000 missiles against Israel just this morning.

    It admitted in a statement on X that soldiers had been kidnapped and taken captive in Gaza, and it stated that over 1,000 Israelis had been injured.

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