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Thursday, September 28, 2023


    Istanbul Airport remained the busiest hub in Europe in January.

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    Istanbul Airport in Turkey remained Europe’s busiest air hub in January, with an average of 1,229 daily flights, according to the European Organization for Air Navigation Safety (Eurocontrol) on Tuesday.

    According to Eurocontrol data, it was followed by London Heathrow Airport with 1,104 daily arrivals and departures and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport with 1,046 during the same period.

    Heathrow Airport in London and Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris have reached 91% and 87% of their pre-pandemic levels, respectively.

    Flight traffic in Europe stayed around 86% of its 2019 level in January, according to Eurocontrol, however there was a wide range of recovery rate fluctuations.

    With 4,022 average daily flights, the United Kingdom was the busiest country.

    With 3,327 daily flights, Germany was the second busiest, while Spain was third with 3,312.

    Only two major carriers (Lufthansa and easyJet) operated at or below their pre-virus levels, both at 64%.

    Ryanair scored first with 2,169 daily flights, 113% of the time, and Turkish Airlines ranked second with 1,274 daily flights, 100% of the time. Lufthansa had the third-highest average daily flight volume (892 daily flights, 64% of 2019).

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