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Thursday, April 11, 2024


    Italian football team Napoli takes a knee before the match to protest racism.

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    Somali Magazine – The players of Italian football team Napoli took a knee before a league match on Saturday to support their Brazilian teammate Juan Jesus, who claimed he was racially harassed during a match.

    Before kickoff against Atalanta, which the defending Italian champions lost 3–0 and is now in ninth place in the league rankings, Napoli players kneeled to support Jesus, who is black.

    Earlier in March, Jesus claimed that Inter Milan and Italian defender Francesco Acerbi, 36, hurled a racial epithet at him during a Serie A match between Inter and Napoli, which ended 1–1.

    Jesus, 32, informed the referee of the March 17 match in Milan that he had been racially harassed by his opponent.

    Earlier this week, the Napoli defender was “crestfallen” after Acerbi revealed that he will not face punishment for allegedly beating Jesus.

    On Tuesday, an Italian top-flight league’s sports court dropped the lawsuit due to a lack of evidence.

    “I read the sports judge’s verdict multiple times and was disappointed because he felt there was no evidence that I was the victim of a racist insult during the match between Inter and Napoli on March 17. While I respect the choice, it is difficult for me to understand, and it leaves me bitter,” Jesus stated.

    Acerbi will be available to play for Italian leaders Inter in their encounter against Empoli on April 1.

    The Italian international has denied the charges.

    However, Acerbi was left out of Italy’s squad for friendlies against Venezuela and Ecuador.

    Acerbi, a former Lazio defender, helped Italy win the Euro 2020 title.

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