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Monday, July 22, 2024


    Kagame’s government joins other countries in donating to Gaza amidst ongoing conflict

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    Somali Magazine October 24, 2023- Rwanda’s government has sent 16 tonnes of food items, medicines, and medical supplies for humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.
    The aid was channeled to the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO), this is according to the government’s deputy spokesperson, Alain Mukuralinda, in a brief written statement offered to the British news agency BBC Great Lakes.

    He said that it was made “in support of the ongoing international rescue effort.”
    “Rwanda reiterates the need for a de-escalation to protect the lives of innocent civilians. Rwanda is one of the African countries having close links to Israel. In 2016, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Rwanda.

    Both Rwanda and Israel share haunting similarities to the genocide of their own people.

    Last week, the first humanitarian supply convoy to be brought to the beleaguered Gaza Strip since the conflict began arrived through the Rafah border crossing, after being stalled in Egypt due to haggling over delivery conditions, as reported by Reuters.

    The UN said the 20-truck convoy had life-saving supplies for the Palestinian Red Crescent, but the help was a fraction of what was required, and it was uncertain how much aid would be permitted to pass in the following days.

    Furthermore, Tunisia said on Sunday that it has transferred humanitarian relief supplies to Palestine via Egypt, as Israel continues to shell Gaza following a surprise attack by Hamas.
    The country claims that a military plane carrying roughly 12 tons of humanitarian goods, including medications and food, gathered by the Tunisian Red Crescent is its route from the capital Tunis to Egypt, according to Anadolu Agency

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