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Sunday, March 3, 2024


    Kenya is receiving criticism for its “hectic” visa-free access.

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    Kenya is under criticism for its visa-free entry policy, which was implemented this month for all foreigners, with some calling it “hectic”.

    President William Ruto introduced the idea last month to promote visa-free travel across the African continent.

    Kenyan authorities have recently clarified that, while the country allows visa-free access, tourists must apply for electronic travel authorisation (ETA) by presenting documentation and paying a $30 (£23) processing charge.

    The rule also applies to nations whose residents previously had free entry to Kenya.

    According to authorities, Kenya has received over 9,000 visa applications via the digital site as of Sunday.

    However, some foreigners are already attacking the government, claiming that the new regulation has caused uncertainty and made travel to Kenya more difficult and costly.

    “Dear Africans, Kenya is not speaking the truth when it claims to be visa-free; it is not! It has, in reality, made travel there more difficult for Africans who previously did not require a visa,” remarked noted Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono on X.

    “So, until 24 hours ago, as a Malawian, I could just get up, buy a ticket, and fly to Kenya in the afternoon, visa-free. Kenya has now’removed the visa’ requirement for all visitors, but everyone must pay a $30 travel authorization charge 72 hours before departure. What? Hectic,” Malawian entrepreneur Jones Ntaukira Share on X.

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