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Tuesday, December 5, 2023


    Kenya issues a warning to the media on coverage of opposition protests.

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    Kenya’s media regulator has threatened to revoke local media outlets’ broadcast licenses if they do not “exercise caution” when covering opposition protests.

    On Monday, police engaged opposition supporters in ongoing fights in Nairobi’s capital. Police allegedly shot and killed a university student in the western town of Kisumu.

    The opposition accuses the government of being “illegitimate” and neglecting to address rising living costs.

    Local television stations broadcast live coverage of the events, including fights between police and demonstrators.

    Television cameras also accompanied Raila Odinga’s convoy as he travelled through Nairobi’s residential areas to rally his supporters.

    The Communications Authority of Kenya announced in a statement that at least six TV stations broke the programming code in their coverage.

    According to the guideline, “violent, sensational, or disturbing aspects that are not relevant to factual reporting” are not permitted.

    It stated that failing to follow regulations will result in penalties such as the termination of broadcast licenses and frequencies.

    Mr Odinga has stated that the protests will begin next Monday and Thursday.

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