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Monday, July 15, 2024


    Kenya promises to halt violence and looting ‘at any cost’

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    Kenya’s interior Cabinet secretary promised Tuesday to put a stop to violence and theft resulting from anti-government rallies “at whatever cost.”

    In a press release, Kithure Kindiki stated that “anarchy, violence, and plunder must cease.”

    According to a report by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), at least 39 people have been murdered in protests over proposed tax rises that began on June 18.

    According to the state-funded but independent human rights monitor, the majority of the deaths were caused by gunshot wounds inflicted on protestors and, in some cases, bystanders.

    “Claims of some instances of unlawful conduct by law enforcement officers will be investigated and appropriate action taken,” Kindiki said the crowd.

    He said that the disturbance, which began in opposition to the contentious Finance Bill 2024, had been “hijacked” by

    The government praised law enforcement for their “professionalism and restraint” while recognizing that “lives were lost, property worth billions of shillings destroyed or looted, and an attempt was made to burn down Parliament buildings.”

    “During today’s demonstrations that saw massive properties destroyed by various criminal elements, security forces across the country singled out suspects found engaging in criminal activities under the guise of protesting and took them into custody,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said in a statement.

    “In Nairobi and its environs, 204 suspects were apprehended, 35 in the Coastal region, 18 in Nyanza and 11 and 4 in Rift Valley and Eastern regions respectively,” according to the release.

    There has been increased security in Kenya following major riots prompted by the Finance Bill 2024.

    Last Wednesday, Kenyan President William Ruto caved to popular pressure and said that he would not sign the measure. However, the protests have turned into anti-government marches, with some demanding his resignation.

    Military trucks and armored personnel carriers have been patrolling Nairobi, with heavily armed soldiers helping police avoid riots, looting, and damage.

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