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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Kenya: Ruto visits flood survivors; inhabitants of high-risk zones are urged to leave

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    SOMALI MAGAZINE: Kenya’s President, William Ruto, paid a visit to flood-hit Kamuchiri hamlet, north-west of Nairobi, on Tuesday (April 30).

    With seasonal rains expected to rise, the Cabinet has ordered that individuals who have already experienced flooding or landslides, as well as those who live near dams and rivers that are deemed high-risk, leave.

    “Within 48 hours from tomorrow, everyone living in the riparian zones should vacate,” Ruto said in a statement.

    “In Nairobi and around the country, we do not want to continue losing our citizens’ lives. We shall make appropriate provisions to feed, house, and provide for their basic needs. We decided this in cabinet today, and the government will collaborate with development partners on this initiative.”

    The president spoke to survivors of Kamuchiri Village, where a torrent burst through a blocked tunnel early Monday, killing hundreds.

    Residents shared their anguish, and some were frustrated with the government’s reaction.

    “I understand you’ve lost your children. Up to today, 48 dead bodies of children, women, and adults have been recovered from here. Even though the majority of the about 100 people who were in hospitals have been treated and discharged, we still have roughly 26 people hospitalized.”

    Since mid-March, heavy rains have displaced over 100,000 people around the country, causing road and infrastructural damage.

    Kenya’s government has declared that people who do not comply with the evacuation order will be evacuated by force.

    It was unclear how warnings and evacuations would be handled on short notice.

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