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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Kenya: Several people are presumed dead as boat capsizes in flood-hit east.

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    Somali Magazine: Volunteers and locals in eastern Kenya looked for missing people late Sunday after a boat overturned.

    The barge transported scores of people after the Tana River, the country’s longest river, overflowed its banks.

    The search and rescue operation has been paused and will continue at dawn.

    Survivors from Garissa County were transferred to Buratana Nursing Home.

    Some people couldn’t stop themselves from being angry with the government.

    “Every month, you increase levies after levies; where are these taxes going? When you are unable to care for your people. Your people are dying. How many people today have survived? Only 25 people were able to be saved. Where are the rest? Why did they die? Abubakar stated that this was due to the government’s neglect.

    “Why are you the government? If you can’t help the people who brought you to power, why don’t you resign? We have terrific personnel that can assist these individuals. What are you doing in the office? “Why can people die in such circumstances while you sit in your offices collecting money?”

    The deputy president said Friday (April 26) that the government has set aside 4 billion Kenyan shillings ($29 million) for emergency relief operations.

    The resumption of school was pushed back to May 6.

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