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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Kenyan senator now want to amend constitution to have Ruto in office for 7years before 2027 elections

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    Somali Magazine Sep 24,2023-Kiprotich Arap Cherargei-a Kenyan senator of Nandi County has proposed a constitutional change to have the presidential term limit increased from the current five to seven years.

    He was speaking to the press in Nairobi when he presented his memoranda to the National Dialogue Committee.

    Through his X Space account the senator did reveal that it’s the only way to ensure peaceful transfer of power after every general elections.

    “The re-introduction of the office of the Prime minister. The creation of the office of the official Opposition leader. Parties to give 30% to the youth, women and PWDs during nominations in the General elections. The senate to be given veto powers on the bills in Parliament.  The extension of the Presidential term of 7 years of each term for two terms from current 5years to allow stability and pragmatic development in the country. The increment to 40% allocation to counties in National revenue,”

    The committee chaired by Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwa and Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka will begin interrogating the submissions before making their recommendations.

    The senator who is a strong political ally of  President William Ruto pointed out that a  five years in office is not sufficient for the running of government and forming a formidable team to implement the election manifesto.

    If senator Cherargei’s proposal is actualized it then means that if one is elected president he or she would be in office for 7 years with the possibility of extension by another 7-year term.

    As per the Kenyan constitution, chapter nine of under Article 142 says: “The President shall hold office for a term beginning on the date on which the President was sworn in and ending when the person next elected President in accordance with Article 136 (2) (a) is sworn in.”

    The constitution only stipulates a five-year term with the possibility of another five-year term, thus, altering the structure of the constitution will require a referendum.

    Senator Cherargei further wants the National Dialogue team to establish the Office of the Prime Minister who will sit in parliament and be the official spokesman of government in the house.

    Other teams that appeared before the dialogue team include the IEBC that on its part proposed to have the presidential elections conducted separately from other elective positions.

    “We are proposing that since the presidential election is the only contested we have it conducted on its separate day,” IEBC CEO Marjan Marjan said.

    Ichung’wa asked in response asked: “Did your commission file any complaint on the events of 15th August at the Bomas of Kenya?

    The Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) on its part wants the president to order a general wage increase.

    This would compel all employers to increase salaries for their employees to help them absorb the shocks of the current economic stress.

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